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Featured student of the term - Dayyan

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

I'm pleased to introduce my featured student of the Autumn term!

Dayyan is 13 years old and also plays viola, piano and percussion as well as violin. Dayyan was due to take his grade 7 violin exam in Spring, but was sadly cancelled due to lockdown. Instead, he is moving on and has started working towards his grade 8. He is such a hard working and enthusiastic student, and watching him play a piece he loves is really captivating.

In this video, Dayyan is playing the theme tune from the Turkish TV drama Ertugrul, which his dad requested he learnt, as it is is a family favourite! I think that this style of playing suits his charismatic personality perfectly.

An interview with Dayyan:

Hi Dayyan! How long have you been playing the violin?

I have officially been playing the violin since I was 3, so around 10 years now.

What kind of pieces do you like playing the most?

Well, during my earlier years and up until last year, I loved playing jazzy and swing music because I just loved listening to tunes that made you dance. However, since I started looking at repertoire that could potentially be my grade 8 pieces, I realised that I am fond of classic music and romantic music because it is soothing and very enjoyable to listen to. Listening to classical music has become such a habit now that I listen to it while I study, and just in my free time.

What do you enjoy most about your lessons?

The most enjoyable thing that I love during my lesson is the way that Karen makes learning fun and gives useful tips to make my playing way better than before. I also love how Karen always throws challenging things at me that seem very difficult, but makes me feel motivated to carry on and break through it.

If you could meet one famous musician, who would it be and why?

I would probably meet Hilary Hahn, because she is such an inspiration and she plays the violin beautifully. She also commonly shows up in my favourite musical YouTube videos, TwoSet Violin. I also know that Karen also enjoys watching them. Hilary is amazing and I wish that I can hopefully play as well as her through my very useful lessons.

Where do you hope to be with your violin playing in the next five years?

I really hope that I can crack through my grade 8 because that would be a massive achievement for me. I would also like to get into the county youth orchestra which I have been dying to audition for. I also want to carry on with the grades that come ahead after grade 8 which I know will be rough but I will hopefully be at a level where I can hopefully crack it. I would also them love to play in orchestras around the world to learn different music and play with others.

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